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RealtyWatch app for all your real estate needs


Get Notified with Neighbourhood Property Transaction

Be aware of data transparency on the latest neighbourhood transaction prices.

Generate Estimated Valuation of Your Property

Find out what is your property's current market valuation, make a better selling decision.


Find Latest New Launches with Real Time Availability

Search for new launchs project based a slew of criteria. Receive notifications when a unit is sold or released for sale.

Find new launch and resale projects

Live chat with your trusted adviser


View latest mortgage rates from multiple banks

View estimated valuation for your property

View Latest Mortgage Packages from Major Banks

Get the latest mortgage interest rates and packages when taking new loan or refinance your property.


Sophisticated Robo Adviser

Take away your hassles in calculating TDSR, MSR, LTV, ABSD etc., we prepare everything for you and with recommendations.

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